Perlecan controls neurogenesis in the developing telencephalon

  title={Perlecan controls neurogenesis in the developing telencephalon},
  author={Amparo Gir{\'o}s and Javier Morante and Cristina Gil-Sanz and Alfonso Fair{\'e}n and Mercedes Costell},
  journal={BMC Developmental Biology},
  pages={29 - 29}
Perlecan is a proteoglycan expressed in the basal lamina of the neuroepithelium during development. Perlecan absence does not impair basal lamina assembly, although in the 55% of the mutants early disruptions of this lamina conducts to exencephaly, impairing brain development. The rest of perlecan-null brains complete its prenatal development, maintain basal lamina continuity interrupted by some isolated ectopias, and are microcephalic. Microcephaly consists of thinner cerebral walls and… CONTINUE READING