Perkutane CT-geführte Katheterdrainage intrathorakaler Flüssigkeitsansammlungen

  title={Perkutane CT-gef{\"u}hrte Katheterdrainage intrathorakaler Fl{\"u}ssigkeitsansammlungen},
  author={P. G. Barton and Heinz Schurawitzki and Franz Karnel and Walter Klepetko},
To verify the value of percutaneous CT-guided drainage of thoracic fluid collections we studied the outcome in 39 patients retrospectively. 24 (61.5%) of the fluid collections were located in the pleural space, 10 (25.6%) in the lungs and 5 (12.8%) in the mediastinum. 11 CT-guided drainages after a previous attempt were necessary in 9 patients, because of recurrent (n = 6) or residual (n = 5) fluid collections. 70% of the drainage procedures were done using Seldinger's, 30% using trocar… CONTINUE READING