Perkin and the Dyestuffs Industry in Britain

  title={Perkin and the Dyestuffs Industry in Britain},
  author={R. Brightman},
Re-Envisioning Anti-Apicomplexan Parasite Drug Discovery Approaches
This review details both historical and current antimalarial drug discovery approaches and highlights new strategies that may be employed to discover resistance-resistant drug targets and chemotherapies in order to circumvent the rapid evolution of resistance in apicomplexan parasites. Expand
8-Aminoquinoline Therapy for Latent Malaria
  • J. Baird
  • Medicine
  • Clinical Microbiology Reviews
  • 2019
The therapeutic principles thus examined may be leveraged in improved practice and in understanding the bright prospect of discovery of newer drugs that cannot harm G6PD-deficient patients. Expand
Chemical Analysis and Elucidation of Anthraquinone and Flavonoid Type Compounds with Applications to Historical Artefacts and Sustainability
This thesis describes the effects of different solvents have on the extraction profile of natural dyes from dye plants: madder, weld, golden rod, and chamomile. HPLC has been used to build aExpand
Methylene Blue: The Long and Winding Road from Stain to Brain: Part 1.
  • R. Howland
  • Medicine
  • Journal of psychosocial nursing and mental health services
  • 2016
The history of methylene blue from its discovery as a dye to its use as a stain and then its therapeutic application in medicine is an example of how a drug's use can evolve over time through careful observation, clinical needs, serendipity, and the integration of concepts from different disciplines. Expand
Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry deals with an interdisciplinary field; it is an area between the sections natural products and synthetic organic chemistry and related to the module BIOMED. InExpand
Adsorption–desorption characteristics and pollution behavior of reactive X-3B red dye in four Chinese typical soils
PurposeOrganic dyes have been turned into an important emerging type of chemical pollutants with the development of rural textiles, synthetic dye, printing, and dyeing industries and the continuousExpand
Celebration of the Centenary of the Discovery of Mauve by W. H. Perkin
The various methods adopted to commemorate in 1956 the centenary of the discovery by William Henry Perkin of Mauve, the first coal-tar dye to be manufactured and applied on a large scale, areExpand
Sir William Henry Perkin: a review of his life, work and legacy
One hundred and fifty years ago the world of coloration changed forever with William Henry Perkin's discovery of the first synthetic dye derived from coal tar. The life, work and legacy of SirExpand