Periwound dopaminergic sprouting is dependent on numbers of wound macrophages.

  title={Periwound dopaminergic sprouting is dependent on numbers of wound macrophages.},
  author={Peter Batchelor and Michelle Julie Porritt and Susan K Nilsson and Ivan Bertoncello and Geoff A Donnan and David William Howells},
  journal={The European journal of neuroscience},
  volume={15 5},
Injury to many regions of the central nervous system, including the striatum, results in a periwound or 'abortive' sprouting response. In order to directly evaluate whether macrophages play an important role in stimulating periwound sprouting, osteopetrotic (op/op) mice, which when young are deficient in a variety of macrophage subtypes, were given striatal wounds and the degree of dopaminergic sprouting subsequently assessed. Two weeks postinjury, significantly fewer wound macrophages were… CONTINUE READING

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