Peritoneal cultures and antibiotic therapy in pediatric perforated appendicitis.

  title={Peritoneal cultures and antibiotic therapy in pediatric perforated appendicitis.},
  author={D M Mosdell and Don M. Morris and Donald E. Fry},
  journal={American journal of surgery},
  volume={167 3},
We retrospectively reviewed 70 cases of perforated appendicitis in children to examine the relationship between postoperative antibiotic selection and culture results from the peritoneal cavity. Initial antibiotic therapy chosen for the children consisted of a three-drug combination in 54 (77%) patients. Peritoneal cultures were performed in 58 (83%) patients. Escherichia coli and Bacteriodes fragilis were the most common bacterial isolates from the peritoneal culture. Only 7 (10%) patients had… CONTINUE READING
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