Peristaltic modes of a single vortex in the Abelian Higgs model

  title={Peristaltic modes of a single vortex in the Abelian Higgs model},
  author={Toru Kojo and Hideo Suganuma and Kyosuke Tsumura},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Using the Abelian Higgs model, we study the radial excitations of single vortex and their propagation modes along the vortex line. We call such beyond-stringy modes peristaltic modes of single vortex. With the profile of the static vortex, we derive the vortex-induced potential, i.e., single-particle potential for the Higgs and the photon field fluctuations around the static vortex, and investigate the coherently propagating fluctuations which correspond to the vibration of the vortex. We… 
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