Periprosthetic fractures around hip hemiarthroplasty performed for hip fracture.

  title={Periprosthetic fractures around hip hemiarthroplasty performed for hip fracture.},
  author={Julie Phillips and Chris G Moran and A. R. J. Manktelow},
  volume={44 6},
UNLABELLED Hip fracture is associated with considerable morbidity and mortality and occurs in an elderly and infirm group of patients. Periprosthetic fracture after hip hemiarthroplasty is a serious complication. In this study, we have reviewed our experience of this injury. The outcome measures used were fracture union, mortality, infection and requirement for further surgery. METHOD We identified a cohort of 79 patients who sustained periprosthetic fractures after hip hemiarthroplasty from… CONTINUE READING


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