Periplasmic oxygen reduction by Desulfovibrio species

  title={Periplasmic oxygen reduction by Desulfovibrio species},
  author={Antje Baumgarten and Insa Redenius and Jan Kranczoch and Heribert Cypionka},
  journal={Archives of Microbiology},
Washed cells of Desulfovibrio vulgaris strain Marburg (DSM 2119) reduced oxygen to water with H2 as electron donor at a mean rate of 253 nmol O2 min–1 (mg protein)–1. After separating the periplasm from the cells, more than 60% of the cytochrome c activity and 90% of the oxygen-reducing activity were found in the periplasmic fraction. Oxygen reduction and the reduction of cytochrome c with H2 were inhibited by CuCl2. After further separation of the periplasm by ultrafiltration (exclusion sizes… CONTINUE READING


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