Periplasmic domains define holin-antiholin interactions in t4 lysis inhibition.

  title={Periplasmic domains define holin-antiholin interactions in t4 lysis inhibition.},
  author={Tram Anh T Tran and Douglas K. Struck and Ry Young},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={187 19},
Bacteriophage T4 effects host lysis with a holin, T, and an endolysin, E. T and E accumulate in the membrane and cytoplasm, respectively, throughout the period of late gene expression. At an allele-specific time, T triggers to disrupt the membrane, allowing E to enter the periplasm and attack the peptidoglycan. T triggering can be blocked by secondary infections, leading to the state of lysis inhibition (LIN). LIN requires the T4 antiholin, RI, and is sensitive to the addition of energy poisons… CONTINUE READING
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