Peripheral vascular injury-related deaths.

  title={Peripheral vascular injury-related deaths.},
  author={Sadik Bilgen and Nursel İnanir T{\"u}rkmen and B{\"u}lent Eren and Recep Fedakar},
  journal={Ulusal travma ve acil cerrahi dergisi = Turkish journal of trauma & emergency surgery : TJTES},
  volume={15 4},
BACKGROUND Peripheral vascular injuries are frequently encountered in lethal and nonlethal trauma. Although significant improvements in treatment have been achieved, such injuries are still important causes of mortality. METHODS In this study, the records of 6769 autopsies performed between 1996 and 2006 at the Council of Forensic Medicine Bursa Group Chairmanship Morgue Department were evaluated retrospectively. RESULTS The 63 cases (0.9%) who were determined to have died due to vascular… CONTINUE READING