Peripheral pulse palpation: an unreliable physical sign.

  title={Peripheral pulse palpation: an unreliable physical sign.},
  author={S Brearley and Clifford P. Shearman and Malcolm Harold Simms},
  journal={Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England},
  volume={74 3},
Fifty observers, including two fully trained vascular surgeons, were asked to determine the presence or absence of the femoral and distal pulses of four patients with peripheral vascular disease and one asymptomatic subject (50 pulses assessed). Pulses felt by both vascular surgeons were deemed to be palpable. Among the other observers, the sensitivity of palpation was 95% or over for the femoral pulse, but 33% to 60% for observers of varying experience feeling for the posterior tibial pulse… CONTINUE READING

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