Peripheral osteoarticular tuberculosis in children: 106 case-reports.

  title={Peripheral osteoarticular tuberculosis in children: 106 case-reports.},
  author={Youssef Teklali and Zouheir Fellous El Alami and Tarik El Madhi and Hassan Gourinda and Abdelhamid Miri},
  journal={Joint, bone, spine : revue du rhumatisme},
  volume={70 4},
INTRODUCTION We retrospectively reviewed 106 pediatric cases of peripheral osteoarticular tuberculosis (OAT) seen over a 21-year period in Morocco. Patients with vertebral tuberculosis were excluded from the study. PATIENTS AND RESULTS The 55 boys and 51 girls had a mean age of 8 years. The hip and knee together contributed 63% of the osteoarticular foci. Organ involvement was documented in 32 cases. Mean time from symptom onset to evaluation was 10 months. This resulted in diagnostic delay… CONTINUE READING

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