Peripheral injury alters schooling behavior in squid, <ce:italic>Doryteuthis pealeii</ce:italic>

  title={Peripheral injury alters schooling behavior in squid, <ce:italic>Doryteuthis pealeii</ce:italic>},
  author={M Oshima and Theodor di Pauli von Treuheim and Julia Carroll and Roger T Hanlon and Robyn J. Crook},
  journal={Behavioural Processes},
Animals with detectable injuries are at escalated threat of predation. The anti-predation tactic of schooling reduces individual predation risk overall, but it is not known how schooling behavior affects injured animals, or whether risks are reduced equally for injured animals versus other school members. In this laboratory study we examined the effects of minor fin injury on schooling decisions made by squid. Schooling behavior of groups of squid, in which one member was injured, was monitored… CONTINUE READING