Peripheral infection and aging interact to impair hippocampal memory consolidation.

  title={Peripheral infection and aging interact to impair hippocampal memory consolidation.},
  author={Ruth M Barrientos and Emily A Higgins and Joseph C Biedenkapp and David B Sprunger and Karli J Wright-Hardesty and Linda R. Watkins and Jerry W. Rudy and Steven F. Maier},
  journal={Neurobiology of aging},
  volume={27 5},
We report that a peripheral injection of Escherichia coli produces both anterograde and retrograde amnesia in 24 month old, but not 3 month old rats for memories that depend on the hippocampus, that is, memory of context, contextual fear, and place learning. The anterograde effect was restricted to measures of long-term memory. Short-term memory was not affected, nor did E. coli produce amnesia for auditory-cue fear conditioning. There were no age related effects on memory in vehicle-treated… CONTINUE READING
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