Peripheral hepatic artery embolization for primary and secondary hepatic neoplasms.

  title={Peripheral hepatic artery embolization for primary and secondary hepatic neoplasms.},
  author={Melvin Eugene Clouse and Richard G. Lee and E J Duszlak and Jacob J. Lokich and Charles Trey and Mar{\'i}a Alday and David Yoburn and Jane S Diamond and A W Crosson and Philip J. Costello},
  volume={147 2},
Eighteen patients underwent peripheral arterial embolization with Gelfoam powder for treatment of primary or metastatic hepatic neoplasms. Except for two cases in which the patients could not undergo long-term arterial infusion, all cases were treatment failures from intravenous chemotherapy, intra-arterial chemotherapy, or, in some cases, intra-arterial chemotherapy plus radiation therapy. Fourteen patients had good symptomatic relief from the procedure. Four of these patients are alive at 3… CONTINUE READING


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