Peripheral blood effects in benzene-exposed workers.

  title={Peripheral blood effects in benzene-exposed workers.},
  author={A. Robert Schnatter and Patrick J. Kerzic and Yimei Zhou and Min Chen and Mark J. Nicolich and Karlene S Lavelle and Thomas W. Armstrong and Michael G. Bird and Lv Lin and Hua Ling Fu and Richard D. Irons},
  journal={Chemico-biological interactions},
  volume={184 1-2},
The hematotoxic effects of benzene exposure may be important in the occurrence of subsequent health effects. We sought to provide further information on peripheral blood effects by studying 928 workers in five factories in and around Shanghai, China exposed to a wide range of benzene concentrations. Specifically, we sought to investigate which blood indices are more strongly related to benzene exposure and which concentration levels of benzene result in peripheral blood changes. Lifestyle… CONTINUE READING
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