Peripheral T cells in diabetes prone (DP) BB rats are CD45R-negative.

  title={Peripheral T cells in diabetes prone (DP) BB rats are CD45R-negative.},
  author={Henk Groen and J M van der Berk and Paul Nieuwenhuis and Jaap Kampinga},
  volume={14 1-3},
Diabetes prone BB (DP BB) rats are known to develop insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. In addition, a number of other immune abnormalities have been observed, like severe T lymphopenia, lack of CD8+ T cells, and lack of RT6+ T cells. Here we report double-labelling studies of lymph node T cells using MRC OX-32 (CD45R), and demonstrate that this T cell subset is absent in young adult DP BB rats. Since both RT6 and MRC OX-32 antigens are only expressed by mature peripheral T cells, it is… CONTINUE READING
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