Peripapillary coloboma simulating double optic disc.

  title={Peripapillary coloboma simulating double optic disc.},
  author={Girish Gurpur Kamath and Somdutt Prasad and Y J Patwala and Mark Thomas Watts},
  journal={The British journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={83 10},
EDITOR,—Doubling of the optic disc is rare and can manifest as true or pseudo doubling. A 64 year old man was referred by his physician who noted " a clear area between each optic disc on both sides " during a routine check. Visual acuities and anterior segments were normal. Funduscopy revealed an appearance simulating double optic discs on each side. The right eye showed a 2 disc diameter (DD) sized pale excavation 1 DD below the optic disc inferotemporally (Fig 1A), with patchy pigmentation… CONTINUE READING