Perioperative uses of histamine antagonists.

  title={Perioperative uses of histamine antagonists.},
  author={Wilfried Lorenz and Marguerite Ennis and Alfred W Doenicke and W. Carson Dick},
  journal={Journal of clinical anesthesia},
  volume={2 5},
Histamine release and adverse pseudoallergic/allergic reactions during the perioperative period occur frequently. The incidence of such reactions is 20%-30% for all grades of severity, 1%-5% for systemic reactions, and 0.1%-0.5% for life-threatening reactions. They can be elicited by all commonly used anesthetic agents and by surgical interventions. Both the incidence and severity can be reduced by the use of combined prophylaxis with H1- + H2-receptor antagonists. The authors recommend that… CONTINUE READING


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