Periodontal treatment without maintenance. A retrospective study in 44 patients.


This study presents our findings on 44 patients who were treated for periodontal disease and for varying reasons elected not to participate in the maintenance aspect of periodontal care. All patients were initially given intensive instructions in personal oral hygiene, along with initial scaling and root planing. Each patient had two or more quadrants of pocket reduction therapy. Tooth mortality revealed a mean annual adjusted tooth loss rate of 0.22 (4.7%). Between examinations, breakdown in the health status of furcations was noted. Mean probing depth scores at the second examination showed no significant differences from the first examination scores. Measurements of bone levels revealed a worsening of bone scores between examinations. The results of this study show that periodontal therapy without maintenance is of little value in terms of restoring periodontal health.

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@article{Becker1984PeriodontalTW, title={Periodontal treatment without maintenance. A retrospective study in 44 patients.}, author={William Becker and Brandt E Becker and Lisa Berg}, journal={Journal of periodontology}, year={1984}, volume={55 9}, pages={505-9} }