Periodontal health in free-ranging baboons of Ethiopia and Kenya.

  title={Periodontal health in free-ranging baboons of Ethiopia and Kenya.},
  author={Jane Elizabeth Phillips-Conroy and Charles F. Hildebolt and Jeanne Altmann and Clifford J. Jolly and Philip M. Muruthi},
  journal={American journal of physical anthropology},
  volume={90 3},
Frontal and lateral intraoral photographs of 19 baboons from the Awash National Park, Ethiopia and 37 baboons from Amboseli National Park, Kenya, were used to assess periodontal health. The Awash baboons, and two groups (Alto's and Hook's) at Amboseli, fed entirely from natural sources, but baboons from the third Amboseli group (Lodge) fed largely on food refuse from one of the park's lodges. Juveniles and adults were evaluated separately. Intraoral photographs were seriated based on visual… CONTINUE READING