Periodic trends in hexanuclear actinide clusters.

  title={Periodic trends in hexanuclear actinide clusters.},
  author={Juan Diwu and Shuao Wang and Thomas E Albrecht-Schmitt},
  journal={Inorganic chemistry},
  volume={51 7},
Four new Th(IV), U(IV), and Np(IV) hexanuclear clusters with 1,2-phenylenediphosphonate as the bridging ligand have been prepared by self-assembly at room temperature. The structures of Th(6)Tl(3)[C(6)H(4)(PO(3))(PO(3)H)](6)(NO(3))(7)(H(2)O)(6)·(NO(3))(2)·4H(2)O (Th6-3), (NH(4))(8.11)Np(12)Rb(3.89)[C(6)H(4)(PO(3))(PO(3)H)](12)(NO(3))(24)·15H(2)O (Np6-1… CONTINUE READING