Periodic and fixed points of the Leader-type contractions in quasi-triangular spaces

  • Kazimierz Włodarczyk
  • Published 2016


Let C = {Cα}α∈A ∈ [1;∞)A with index setA. A quasi-triangular space (X ,PC;A) is a set X with family PC;A = {pα : X2 → [0,∞),α ∈A} satisfying ∀α∈A∀u,v,w∈X{pα (u,w)≤ Cα [pα (u, v) + pα (v,w)]}. In (X ,PC;A), using the left (right) families JC;A generated by PC;A (PC;A is a particular case of JC;A), we establish theorems concerning left (right) PC;A… (More)


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