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Periodic Infinite Frieze Patterns of Type $\Lambda_{p_1,\ldots,p_n}$ and Dissections on Annuli

  title={Periodic Infinite Frieze Patterns of Type \$\Lambda\_\{p\_1,\ldots,p\_n\}\$ and Dissections on Annuli},
  author={Esther Banaian and Jiuqi Chen},
Finite frieze patterns with entries in Z[λp1 , . . . , λps ] where {p1, . . . , ps} ⊆ Z≥3 and λp = 2cos(π/p) were shown to have a connection to dissected polygons by Holm and Jørgensen. We extend their work by studying the connection between infinite frieze patterns with such entries and dissections of annuli and once-punctured discs. We give an algorithm to determine whether a frieze pattern with entries in Z[λp1 , . . . , λps ], finite or infinite, comes from a dissected surface. We introduce… Expand

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