Periodic Ciphers with Small Blocks and Cryptanalysis of KeeLoq

  title={Periodic Ciphers with Small Blocks and Cryptanalysis of KeeLoq},
  author={Nicolas Courtois and Gregory V. Bard and Andrey Bogdanov},
KeeLoq is a lightweight block cipher that is massively used in the automobile industry [12, 13, 31, 32]. KeeLoq has two remarkable properties: it is periodic and has a very short block size (32 bits). Many different attacks on KeeLoq have been published in recent years [8, 15, 9, 10, 5]. In this paper we study a unique way of attacking KeeLoq, in which the periodic property of KeeLoq is used in to distinguish 512 rounds of KeeLoq from a random permutation. Our attacks require the knowledge of… CONTINUE READING

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