Perineal exposure to talc and ovarian cancer risk.

  title={Perineal exposure to talc and ovarian cancer risk.},
  author={Bernard L. Harlow and Daniel W Cramer and Douglas A. Bell and William R W Welch},
  journal={Obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={80 1},
OBJECTIVE We sought to determine whether the use of talc in genital hygiene increases the risk for epithelial ovarian cancer. METHODS We interviewed 235 white women diagnosed with epithelial ovarian cancer between 1984-1987 at ten Boston metropolitan area hospitals and 239 population-based controls of similar race, age, and residence. RESULTS Overall, 49% of cases and 39% of controls reported exposure to talc, via direct application to the perineum or to undergarments, sanitary napkins, or… CONTINUE READING
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