Perinatal HIV and its prevention: progress toward an HIV-free generation.

  title={Perinatal HIV and its prevention: progress toward an HIV-free generation.},
  author={Mary Glenn Fowler and Alicia R Gable and Margaret A. Lampe and Monica Etima and Maxensia A Owor},
  journal={Clinics in perinatology},
  volume={37 4},
  pages={699-719, vii}
This article reviews the epidemiology of perinatal (HIV)-1 in the United States in the past 2 decades and the international HIV epidemic among pregnant women and their infants. Since the peak of 1700 reported cases of pediatric AIDS in 1992, there has been dramatic progress in decreasing perinatal HIV transmission in the United States with fewer than 50 new cases of AIDS annually (>96% reduction) and fewer than 300 annual perinatal HIV transmissions in 2005. This success has been due to use of… CONTINUE READING

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