Perimenstrual chocolate craving. What happens after menopause?

  title={Perimenstrual chocolate craving. What happens after menopause?},
  author={Julia M. Hormes and Paul Rozin},

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9. Perimenstrual chocolate craving: from pharmacology and physiology to cognition and culture
It is hypothesized that perimenstrual chocolate craving arises as the result of women’s efforts to restrict consumption of a highly ambivalent food, along with a culturally-driven view of the perimenstrum as a cue signalling permission to engage in an otherwise prohibited indulgence.
All cravings are not created equal. Correlates of menstrual versus non-cyclic chocolate craving
Does culture create craving? Evidence from the case of menstrual chocolate craving
The novel hypothesis that greater menstrual craving prevalence in the U.S. is the product of internalized cultural norms is tested and inform the understanding of food cravings, with important implications for the study of cravings in other domains.
Towards a Socio-Cultural Model of Food Cravings: Evidence from the Case of Perimenstrual Chocolate Craving
Food cravings are a common, yet poorly understood phenomenon. Past attempts to explain them with a focus purely on physiological mechanisms have been unsuccessful. Four studies examine the hypothesis
Pickles and ice cream! Food cravings in pregnancy: hypotheses, preliminary evidence, and directions for future research
This paper reviews the available literature to corroborate and/or dispute some of the most commonly accepted hypotheses regarding the causes of food cravings during pregnancy, including a role of hormonal changes, nutritional deficits, pharmacologically active ingredients in the desired foods, and cultural and psychosocial factors.
Chocolate : Food for Moods
Introduction: Chocolate is a popular food and its consumption has long been associated with enjoyment and pleasure. The effect of chocolate on mood too has long been recognised. Chocolate is thought
Chocolate: food for moods.
The association between chocolate consumption and emotions warrants further multi-prong investigations to substantiate chocolate's mood alterating propensity.


Chocolate craving and the menstrual cycle
Chocolate: food or drug?
Changes in alcohol craving and consumption by phase of menstrual cycle in alcohol dependent women
Preliminary data support the value of continuing to investigate the relationship between phases of the menstrual cycle and alcohol consumption among female alcoholics.
Chocolate craving and liking
The experience of food craving: a prospective investigation in healthy women.
Menstrual cycle phase effects on nicotine withdrawal and cigarette craving: a review.
Some of the 13 studies included in this review found heightened experiences of withdrawal or craving within the latter days of the menstrual cycle, which may suggest the need for focused cessation treatment during the luteal phase or quit attempts that are well timed relative to specific menstrual phases.
Pharmacological versus sensory factors in the satiation of chocolate craving