Perilipin expression in human adipose tissue is elevated with obesity.

  title={Perilipin expression in human adipose tissue is elevated with obesity.},
  author={Philip A Kern and Gina B Di Gregorio and Tong Lu and Negah Rassouli and Gouri Ranganathan},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
  volume={89 3},
The perilipins are highly phosphorylated adipocyte proteins that are localized at the surface of the lipid droplet. With activation by protein kinase A, perilipins translocate away from the lipid droplet and allow hormone-sensitive lipase to hydrolyze the adipocyte triglycerides to release nonesterified fatty acids (NEFA). Because of the potential importance of adipocyte lipolysis to obesity and insulin resistance, we measured perilipin protein and mRNA levels in nondiabetic subjects with… CONTINUE READING
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