Perikymata spacing and distribution on hominid anterior teeth.

  title={Perikymata spacing and distribution on hominid anterior teeth.},
  author={M. Christopher Dean and Donald J. Reid},
  journal={American journal of physical anthropology},
  volume={116 3},
We documented the spacing and distribution of perikymata on the buccal enamel surface of fossil hominin anterior teeth with reference to a sample of modern human and modern great ape teeth. A sample of 27 anterior teeth attributed to Australopithecus (5 to A. afarensis, 22 to A. africanus) and of 33 attributed to Paranthropus (6 to P. boisei, and 27 to P. robustus) were replicated and sputter-coated with gold to enable reflected light microscopy of their surface topography. Anterior teeth were… CONTINUE READING

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