Perihelion Precession in the Special Relativistic Two-Body Problem

  title={Perihelion Precession in the Special Relativistic Two-Body Problem},
  author={M. A. Trump and William C. Schieve},
  journal={Foundations of Physics},
The classical two-body system with Lorentz-invariant Coulomb work function V = -k/ρ is solved in 3+1 dimensions using the manifestly covariant Hamiltonian mechanics of Stückelberg. Particular solutions for the reduced motion are obtained which correspond to bound attractive, unbound attractive, and repulsive scattering motion. A lack of perihelion precession is found in the bound attractive orbit, and the semiclassical hydrogen spectrum subsequently contains no fine structure corrections. It is… 



Classical Scattering in the Covariant Two-Body Coulomb Potential

The problem of two relativistically-moving pointlike particles of constant mass is undertaken in an arbitrary Lorentz frame using the classical Lagrangian mechanics of Stückelberg, Horwitz, and

The quantum relativistic two‐body bound state. I. The spectrum

In the framework of a manifestly covariant quantum theory on space‐time, it is shown that the ground state mass of a relativistic two‐body system with O(3,1) symmetric potential is lower when

Quantum Mechanics of One- and Two-Electron Atoms

One of the simplest, and most completely treated, fields of application of quantum mechanics is the theory of atoms with one or two electrons. For hydrogen and the analcgous ions He+, Li++, etc., the

Parametrized relativistic quantum theory

Preface. 1. Introduction. Part I: Parametrized Relativistic Classical Mechanics. 2. Special Relativistic Dynamics. 3. Alternative Formulations of PRCM. 4. Statistical PRCM. 5. General Relativity in

Classical Mechanics 2nd edn

T W B Kibble Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill 1973 pp xii + 254 price £4.25 (cased) £3.15 (paperback) As Professor Kibble states in the preface, the subject of classical mechanics lacks the glamorous aura of


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