Periappendiceal actinomycosis mimicking malignancy report of a case.

  title={Periappendiceal actinomycosis mimicking malignancy report of a case.},
  author={Rumelia Koren and Yoram Dekel and Edward Ramadan and Vladimir Veltman and Zeev Dreznik},
  journal={Pathology, research and practice},
  volume={198 6},
A case of a periappendiceal actinomycosis, seen in an 83-year-old woman, clinically mimicking a right ovarian neoplasm penetrating the right colon, is presented. The patient's complaints led to the discovery of a right abdominal mass. Explorative laparotomy and right hemicolectomy were done. Histological examination revealed periappendiceal actinomycotic abscesses. We discuss a possible pathogenesis and the therapeutic modalities.