Perianesthesia care of adult and pediatric strabismus surgery patients.

  • Monte D. Mills
  • Published 1998 in
    Journal of perianesthesia nursing : official…


Strabismus procedures on children and adults are frequently performed in an outpatient setting. Perianesthesia care of patients having strabismus procedures may be optimized by recognizing the characteristics of strabismus patients, the frequently associated diagnoses that may affect perioperative care, and the specific surgical techniques used to treat… (More)


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@article{Mills1998PerianesthesiaCO, title={Perianesthesia care of adult and pediatric strabismus surgery patients.}, author={Monte D. Mills}, journal={Journal of perianesthesia nursing : official journal of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses}, year={1998}, volume={13 1}, pages={16-23; quiz 23-5} }