Perianal fistulas: use of MR imaging for diagnosis.

  title={Perianal fistulas: use of MR imaging for diagnosis.},
  author={G E Myhr and Helge Elliot Myrvold and Gunnar Nilsen and Johan Thoresen and Peter A. Rinck},
  volume={191 2},
PURPOSE To evaluate use of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging with saline solution as contrast agent in diagnosis of perianal fistulous disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS Spin-echo intermediate-, T2-, and T1-weighted images were obtained before and after instillation of saline solution into anal fistulas in 12 of 16 consecutive patients. In four patients without secretory fistulas, images were obtained without contrast enhancement. RESULTS Fistulous tracts were found in 13 patients, fluid cavities… CONTINUE READING

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