Performance of the gas gain monitoring system of the CMS RPC muon detector

  title={Performance of the gas gain monitoring system of the CMS RPC muon detector},
  author={Luigi Benussi and Simone Bianco and Luciano Passamonti and Davide Piccolo and Daniele Pierluigi and Guido Raffone and Alessandro Russo and Giovanna Saviano and Y. Ban and J. C. Cai and Q. Li and S. Liu and S. J. Qian and D. Wang and Z. Xu and F. Zhang and Y. Choi and D. Kim and S. Choi and B. Hong and J.W. Kang and M. Kang and J. Kwon and K.S. Lee and Sk Park and Lalit M. Pant and V. Singh and A.M.R. Kumar and S. Kumar and S. Chand and A. Singh and V. Bhandari and Anna Cimmino and A. Ocampo and Filip Thyssen and Michael Tytgat and Walter van Doninck and A. Ahmad and S. Muhammad and Muhammad Shoaib and Hafeez R. Hoorani and Imran M. Awan and Issam Ali and Waqas Ahmed and M.I. Asqhar and Hassan Shahzad and A. Sayed and A. A. Ibrahim and Yasser Assran and Reham Aly and Amr Radi and T. Elkafrawi and A. Sharma and Stefano Colafranceschi and Marcello Abbrescia and Piet Verwilligen and Sabino Meola and Nicola Cavallo and Alessandro Braghieri and Paolo Montagna and Cristina Riccardi and Paola Salvini and Paolo Vitulo and Alexander G. Dimitrov and Roumyana Mileva Hadjiiska and Leander Litov and Borislav Pavlov and Peicho Petkov and Aleksandar Aleksandrov and Vladimir Genchev and Plamen Iaydjiev and Mircho Rodozov and Georgi Sultanov and Mariana Vutova and Stefka Stoykova and Humberto Salazar Ibarg{\"u}en and Mar{\'i}a Isabel Pedraza Morales and S. Carpinteyro Bernardino and Iuri Bagaturia and Z. Tsamalaidze and Carlos Avila and Andr{\'e}s Cabrera and L. F. Sierra Chaparro and J. Piedra Gomez and Bernardo J. A Gomez and J. C. Sanabria and S.K. Lee and Akshaya Kumar Mohanty and R Thomas and R. Sehgal and Ruchi Chudasama and S. T. Sehgal},
  journal={Journal of Instrumentation},
  pages={C01003 - C01003}
The RPC muon detector of the CMS experiment at the LHC (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland) is equipped with a Gas Gain Monitoring (GGM) system. A report on the stability of the system during the 2011-2012 data taking run is given, as well as the observation of an effect which suggests a novel method for the monitoring of gas mixture composition. 
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  • Physics
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