Performance of the Field-Shaping Strips in the TOPAZ-TPC Sector

  title={Performance of the Field-Shaping Strips in the TOPAZ-TPC Sector},
  author={Roichi Itoh and Hiroaki Aihara and Tuneyoshi Kamae and N. Kusuki and A. Shirahashi and Takuya Takahashi and Richard C. Jared and P. Salz},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science},
The electric-field shaping strips are implemented in the endcap multiwire proportional chambers (sectors) of the TOPAZ-Time Projection Chamber (TPC). These strips serve to minimize both the loss of the wire gain and the distortion of the electron drift path near the end of wires. The optimum voltages on the strips were determined using Fe55 X-ray source and Nitrogen LASER.