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Performance of a Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Unconstrained Optimization Problems

  title={Performance of a Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Unconstrained Optimization Problems},
  author={Milan Tuba and Milos Subotic and Nadezda Stanarevic},
Cuckoo search (CS) algorithm is one of the latest additions to the group of nature inspired optimization heuristics. It has been introduced by Young and Deb in 2009 and was proven to be a promising tool for solving hard optimization problems. This paper presents a modified cuckoo search algorithm for unconstrained optimization problems. We implemented a modification where the step size is determined from the sorted, rather than only permuted fitness matrix. Our modified algorithm was tested on… 
An adaptive Cuckoo search algorithm for optimisation
Hybrid Seeker Optimization Algorithm for Global Optimization
Comparisons show that the proposed hybridization of the seeker optimization algorithm with the well known artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm outperforms six state-of-the-art algorithms in terms of the quality of the resulting solutions as well as robustenss on most of the test functions.
Parallelization of the Cuckoo Search using CUDA Architecture
Tests on standard benchmark functions show that the proposed parallized algorithm greatly decreases the execution time and achieves similar or slightly better quality of the results compared to the sequential algorithm.
Cuckoo Search Algorithm with Chaotic Maps
A variable value schema cuckoo search algorithm with chaotic maps, called CCS, where chaotic maps are utilized to define the scaling factor and the fraction probability to enhance the solution quality and convergence speed.
An alternative approach to neural network training based on hybrid bio meta-heuristic algorithm
This research proposes a new method known as hybrid accelerated cuckoo particle swarm optimization (HACPSO) algorithm, based on two metaheuristic algorithms, which performs better as compared to other algorithms in terms of accuracy, MSE, SD, and with fast convergence rate to the target space.
Comparing Performances of Cuckoo Search Based Neural Networks
The simulation results show that the CSRNN performs better than other algorithms in terms of convergence speed and Mean Squared Error (MSE).
Cuckoo Search Algorithm with Various Walks
This study introduces some new movement procedures including quantum, Brownian and random walks for CS, which adopts Levy flights in the standard form, and demonstrates that the proposed movements induce significant improvements over the standard CS.
One-position inheritance based cuckoo search algorithm
The cuckoo search algorithm that incorporates one-position inheritance mechanism, called OPICS, is extended and the improvement in effectiveness and efficiency of OPICS is demonstrated.
Improved ACO Algorithm with Pheromone Correction Strategy for the Traveling Salesman Problem
This new hybridized algorithm with the strategy for avoiding stagnation by leaving local optima was tested on standard benchmark problems from the TSPLIB library and superiority of the method to the basic ACO and also to the particle swarm optimization (PSO).
Simplex particle swarm optimization with arithmetical crossover for solving global optimization problems
In this paper, we propose a new hybrid algorithm by combining the particle swarm optimization with a genetic arithmetical crossover operator after applying a modification on it in order to avoid the


Modified cuckoo search algorithm for unconstrained optimization problems
A modified version of the cuckoo search algorithm where the step size is determined from the sorted rather than only permuted fitness matrix is implemented.
Modified artificial bee colony algorithm for constrained problems optimization
An improved artificial bee colony algorithm for constrained problems is proposed in a form of ―smart bee‖ (SB) which uses its historical memories for the location and quality of food sources and proved to be better than the original ABC algorithm.
Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Improved with Genetic Operators
Modifications to the ABC algorithm for constrained optimization problems that improve performance of the algorithm are introduced based on genetic algorithm (GA) operators and are applied to the creation of new candidate solutions.
An upgraded artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm for constrained optimization problems
This paper introduces an upgraded artificial bee colony (UABC) algorithm for constrained optimization problems that enhances fine-tuning characteristics of the modification rate parameter and employs modified scout bee phase of the ABC algorithm.
Cuckoo Search via Lévy flights
  • Xin-She Yang, S. Deb
  • Computer Science
    2009 World Congress on Nature & Biologically Inspired Computing (NaBIC)
  • 2009
A new meta-heuristic algorithm, called Cuckoo Search (CS), is formulated, based on the obligate brood parasitic behaviour of some cuckoo species in combination with the Lévy flight behaviour ofSome birds and fruit flies, for solving optimization problems.
A New Heuristic Optimization Algorithm: Harmony Search
A new heuristic algorithm, mimicking the improvisation of music players, has been developed and named Harmony Search (HS), which is illustrated with a traveling salesman problem (TSP), a specific academic optimization problem, and a least-cost pipe network design problem.
Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms: Second Edition
This book reviews and introduces the state-of-the-art nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithms for global optimization, including ant and bee algorithms, bat algorithm, cuckoo search, differential evolution, firefly algorithm, genetic algorithms, harmony search, particle swarm optimization, simulated annealing and support vector machines.
Global optimization using hybrid approach
-The paper deals with a global optimization algorithm using hybrid approach. To take the advantage of global search capability the evolution strategy (ES) with some modifications in recombination
Artificial Bee Colony ( ABC ) Algorithm Exploitation and Exploration Balance Milan TUBA
In this paper exploitation/exploration balance for the artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is examined and some successful modifications that improved algorithm’s performance are described.