Performance of Hybrid ARQ for Network Diversity Multiple Access Schemes

  title={Performance of Hybrid ARQ for Network Diversity Multiple Access Schemes},
  author={Francisco Ganh{\~a}o and Miguel P. Pereira and Lu{\'i}s Bernardo and Rui Dinis and Rodolfo Oliveira and Paulo Pinto},
  journal={2011 Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN)},
Traditionally, a packet with errors, either due to channel noise or collisions, is discarded and needs to be retransmitted, leading to performance losses. Network Diversity Multiple Access (NDMA) handles collisions by combining a multipacket detection scheme with time diversity. In NDMA, the base station (BS) forces mobile terminals (MTs) to transmit J copies of each packet when J MTs collide. Diversity combining is limited to J copies of the packets, not allowing it to adapt to severe errors… CONTINUE READING