Performance of Fixed-point Fft ' S : Rounding and Scaling Considerations

  title={Performance of Fixed-point Fft ' S : Rounding and Scaling Considerations},
  author={Peter Kabal and Babak Sayar},
These bounds result in IXkl < v'Na, k = 0,1 N — 1. With scaling by 1/N. and the requirement that the output magnitude be less than one, a = i//. However, this is not the tightest bound on the real and imaginary components of the input data. It can be shown that the magnitudes of the real and imaginary parts of the output of the complex DFT are bounded by NaSN. For N a multiple of 4. — 4cos(r/N) 3 N — N sin(ir/N) For N even but not a multiple of 4. SN = S2N and for N odd. SN = S4N. Also 1 SN < 4… CONTINUE READING

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