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Performance of BeBe, a dedicated beam-beam monitoring detector for the MPD-NICA experiment at JINR

  title={Performance of BeBe, a dedicated beam-beam monitoring detector for the MPD-NICA experiment at JINR},
  author={Marco Alberto Ayala Torres and Lucina Gabriela Espinoza Beltr'an and Marcos Aurelio Fontaine S'anchez and Luis A. Hern'andez-Cruz and Luis Manuel Monta{\~n}o and Braian Adair Maldonado Luna and Eduardo Moreno-Barbosa and Lucio Fidel Rebolledo Herrera and Mario Rodr'iguez-Cahuantzi and G. Tejeda-Munoz and Cristian Heber Zepeda Fern'andez},
The Multipurpose Detector (MPD) is an experimental array, currently under construction, designed to study the nuclear matter created during the collisions that will be provided by the Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAcility (NICA) at JINR. The MPD-NICA experiment consists of a typically array of particle detectors as those used to study heavy-ion collisions at LHC and RHIC. To complement the current trigger system of MPD-NICA, conformed by the forward detectors FFD and FHCAL, the BeBe detector… 


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