Performance limitations of an optical CDMA system impaired by fiber chromatic dispersion

  title={Performance limitations of an optical CDMA system impaired by fiber chromatic dispersion},
  author={S. P. Majumder and Afreen Azhari},
  journal={Proceedings. 2004 12th IEEE International Conference on Networks (ICON 2004) (IEEE Cat. No.04EX955)},
  pages={137-141 vol.1}
A theoretical analysis is presented to evaluate the impact of fiber chromatic dispersion on the bit error rate performance of a direct sequence optical code division multiple access (DS-OCDMA) system with intensity modulation and direct detection (IM/DD) transmission link using sequence inversion keyed (SIK) optical correlator. Computed results are evaluated at a chip rate of 10 Gchip/sec. The results show that the system suffers a power penalty of 3.48 dB corresponding to fiber chromatic… CONTINUE READING


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