Performance improvement of a measurement station for superconducting cable test.


A fully digital system, improving measurements flexibility, integrator drift, and current control of superconducting transformers for cable test, is proposed. The system is based on a high-performance integration of Rogowski coil signal and a flexible direct control of the current into the secondary windings. This allows state-of-the-art performance to be overcome by means of out-of-the-shelf components: on a full-scale of 32 kA, current measurement resolution of 1 A, stability below 0.25 A min(-1), and controller ripple less than ±50 ppm. The system effectiveness has been demonstrated experimentally on the superconducting transformer of the Facility for the Research of Superconducting Cables at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

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@article{Arpaia2012PerformanceIO, title={Performance improvement of a measurement station for superconducting cable test.}, author={Pasquale Arpaia and Luca Bottura and Giuseppe Montenero and Sandrine Le Naour}, journal={The Review of scientific instruments}, year={2012}, volume={83 9}, pages={095111} }