Performance evaluation of an indirect pre-cooling evaporative heat exchanger operating in hot and humid climate

  title={Performance evaluation of an indirect pre-cooling evaporative heat exchanger operating in hot and humid climate},
  author={Xiaoqiang Cui and Kian Jon Chua and M. R. Islam and Kim Choon Ng},
  journal={Energy Conversion and Management},
A hybrid system, that combines an indirect evaporative heat exchanger (IEHX) and a vapor compression system, is introduced for humid tropical climate application. The chief purpose of the IEHX is to pre-cool the incoming air for vapor compression system. In the IEHX unit, the outdoor humid air in the product channel may potentially condense when heat is exchanged with the room exhaust air. A computational model has been developed to theoretically investigate the performance of an IEHX with… Expand
On the Study of a Hybrid Indirect Evaporative Pre-Cooling System for Various Climates
  • Cui, Sun, Zhang, Jin
  • Environmental Science
  • 2019
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