Performance evaluation of a 33 megapixel alpa 12 medium format camera for digital close range photogrammetry. Image Engineering and Vision Metrolog

  title={Performance evaluation of a 33 megapixel alpa 12 medium format camera for digital close range photogrammetry. Image Engineering and Vision Metrolog},
  author={Dirk Rieke-Zapp and Juergen Peipe},
The accuracy of object reconstruction was tested with two medium format cameras made by ALPA of Switzerland. Both cameras have been equipped with a 33 megapixel Leaf Aptus 75 digital camera back and a 47 mm focal length Schneider Apo-Digitar lens. The first test was carried out with the lens in “normal” position. In the second test, the principal point of another Apo-Digitar lens type was decentred by a fixed amount of approximately 8 mm. Decentring the principal point of a lens can be of… 

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