Performance evaluation of OpenMP's target construct on GPUs - exploring compiler optimisations

  title={Performance evaluation of OpenMP's target construct on GPUs - exploring compiler optimisations},
  author={Akihiro Hayashi and J. Shirako and Ettore Tiotto and R. Ho and Vivek Sarkar},
  journal={Int. J. High Perform. Comput. Netw.},
OpenMP is a directive-based shared memory parallel programming model and has been widely used for many years. From OpenMP 4.0 onwards, GPU platforms are supported by extending OpenMP's high-level parallel abstractions with accelerator programming. This extension allows programmers to write GPU programs in standard C/C++ or Fortran languages, without exposing too many details of GPU architectures. However, such high-level programming models generally impose additional program optimisations on… Expand
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