Performance evaluation of IEEE 802.11ah and its restricted access window mechanism

  title={Performance evaluation of IEEE 802.11ah and its restricted access window mechanism},
  author={Orod Raeesi and Juho Pirskanen and Ali Hazmi and Toni Levanen and Mikko Valkama},
  journal={2014 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops (ICC)},
In this paper we provide an analytical model to compute the throughput and energy consumption of IEEE 802.11ah, the new Sub-1 GHz WiFi standard. The analytical model assumes known collision and error probabilities and applies to both basic and RTS/CTS access mechanisms. Comparison with simulation results shows that the model is extremely accurate in predicting the system throughput and energy consumption. We also investigate the IEEE 802.11ah system including the new restricted access window… CONTINUE READING
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