Performance and training standards for endovascular acute ischemic stroke treatment.

  title={Performance and training standards for endovascular acute ischemic stroke treatment.},
  author={Philip M. Meyers and Hermann Christian Schumacher and Michael J. Alexander and Colin P Derdeyn and Anthony J. Furlan and Randall Higashida and C J Moran and Robert Tarr and Donald V Heck and J A Hirsch and Mary Ellen Jensen and Italo Linfante and C G McDougall and Gary M. Nesbit and Peter A. Rasmussen and T A Tomsick and Lawrence R. Wechsler and John R. Wilson and O O Zaidat},
  volume={79 13 Suppl 1},
Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan. According to the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association, there are now 750,000 new strokes that occur each year, resulting in 200,000 deaths, or 1 of every 16 deaths, per year in the United States alone. Endovascular therapy for patients with acute ischemic stroke is an area of intense investigation. The American Stroke Association has given a qualified endorsement of intra… CONTINUE READING