Performance analysis of QoS parameters for constraint based WSNs


Constraints based wireless sensor networks (WSNs) provides automated solutions to solve the generic or specific problems as per specific requirements of every application which are available nowadays at low price. There is always trade-off between reliability and energy consumption which are main objectives of resourced constraint WSNs. Considering various challenges, protocols are examined and analysis tests are performed on CODA, ECODA, PETLP, RT<sup>2</sup>, and ESRT. We found some challenges and improvement in the areas where in scope could be explored or refined to address few unsolved or naive issues in order to make them robust and scalable within specific context. This study reveals the factors like unreliable event detection, lack of right decision at right time, no collaborative work, inappropriate delay bounds, unreliable heterogeneous data transmission schemes, and incorrect routing layer procedures to address specific problem that typically affects in achieving QoS parameters such as priority based or variable reliability, congestion control and network lifetime of sensor network. Finally, we offered suggestions for improvements of existing study.

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