Performance Modeling of ServerNet™ SAN Topologies


This paper describes a performance analysis of ServerNet SAN, a new system area network architecture developed by Tandem Computers. The paper focuses on three main topics: a brief description of the ServerNet SAN architecture and the simulation tool, the basis for modeling assumptions, and the initial results of the performance and scalability analysis. The… (More)
DOI: 10.1023/A:1008195113125


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@article{Avresky1999PerformanceMO, title={Performance Modeling of ServerNet™ SAN Topologies}, author={Dimiter R. Avresky and Vladimir Shurbanov and Robert W. Horst and William J. Watson and L. Young and Doug Jewett}, journal={The Journal of Supercomputing}, year={1999}, volume={14}, pages={19-37} }