Performance Evaluation of a Wireless Hierarchical Data Dissemination System


Various techniques have been developed to improve the performance of wireless information services. Techniques such as information broadcasting, caching of frequently accessed data, and point-to-point channels for pull-based data requests are often used to reduce data access time. To efficiently utilize information broadcast, indexing and scheduling schemes are employed for the organization of data broadcast. Most of the studies in the literature focused either on individual technique or a combination of them with some restrictive assumptions. There is no study considering these techniques working together in an integrated manner. In this paper, we propose a dynamic data delivery model for wireless communication environments. An important feature of our model is that data are disseminated through various storage mediums according to the dynamically collected data access patterns. Various results are presented in a set of simulation studies, which give some of the intuitions behind the design of a wireless data delivery system.

DOI: 10.1145/313451.313528

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